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The Korean Thermoelectric Society (KTS) is pleased to invite all affiliated member of ICT to participate in the ICT 2007 Conference scheduled to take place in Jeju, Korea from Jun 3(Sun) ~ Jun 7(Thu), 2007.

Through this Conference, we are hoping all attendee get a chance to share with valuable information about "the harmony between Heat and Electricity." This ICT 2007 will provide a forum for topics of current issue and significance related to the thermoelectric materials, systems and application. At the beginning of the times of expensive energy, we hope the field of thermoelectric is spotlighted anew as an effective tool for energy conversion upon "ICT 2007".

The ICT 2007 will be organized and sponsored by the Korea Thermoelectric Society (KTS), Korea Electrictechnology Research Institute (KERI), Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea Institute Ceramic Engineering (KICE), Korea Electric Power Cooperation (KEPCO).

Further information including registration and housing information will be available from a official homepage of ITS or ICT 2007 from February 2007.

We hope all member of ICT enjoy the 26th ICT Conference in peaceful and pristine Jeju Island.

Dr. Hee-Woong Lee
The ICT 2007 Organizing Committee Chair